Tuey & Ice | In My Nest



This is my bundle of demands, also lovingly known as Tuey, my almost two year old daughter.  My 5 year old son is on vacation with his grandparents & my husband is away all summer in school.  So, that leaves me.  Me to be her constant companion, entertainer, & source for everything.  I can’t even explain the joys of hearing “mommy” 68 times before 8 am.

So, ice.  It’s how I get by these days.  Buys me a solid 20 minutes, typically, so in an effort to continue chronicling our everyday moments & sharing it with everyone, I decided to document this morning’s little ice capades! And it turned to be a lot fun!

But did I mention she’s sick?  Yea, her level of clinginess is through the roof, meaning my level of “omg, if I don’t get a minute to myself….” is peaking, but only a bit 😉

Oh, and she’s still wearing the same outfit she was wearing yesterday.  Same pony, too.


See Jack, our dog?  He loves ice-time since he enjoys to eat any piece that makes its way to the ground, which is a guarantee since Tuey is in that phase where she has to throw everything, everywhere, all of the time.  I love this image because I intentionally waited to get a shot of him peaking through her & the tupperware, & it turned out so cool!

Don’t get me wrong, I love that I am able to be with my daughter all day, every day, but it’s not always so blissful.  Real life is mix of joy & overwhelming feelings of “goddammit”.

And as silly & petty as it may sound, ice helped me keep my sanity for another day.



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