My artwork is an extension of me, of who I am.

Hello, I’m Camille!

lovely to meet you

I'm one of those people that when you first meet, you might think, "okay, she's a bit weird, but a good weird".  I embrace the weird, the subtleties, & the easily overlooked.  And if you're quirky like me, then we may just become fast friends.  In fact, that is what I strive for when meeting new clients, to get to know you like I would a friend.

A little bit more about me...

I am a "winging it" kind of mother.  Two little joys of my life run my day-to-day & I wouldn't have it any other way.

My mother is Puerto Rican & my father is Cuban, so I grew up speaking both English & Spanish while also trying to navigate my way around the third language, Spanglish.  I was born & mostly raised in Northern Virginia & have lived in places like Colombia South America, Hawaii, Baltimore, Los Angeles, & Texas.  I am a military spouse & incredibly proud of it. Coast Guard family on our military journey.

Before sharing my art as a professional photographer, I worked in the nonprofit sector geared towards helping those in most need.  Although I have an unbelievable amount of passion for helping people & causes, being a military spouse can make it a bit tough to stick to a particular career path.  We move so often & find that we have to reinvent ourselves, work wise, again & again.  Photography has been able to offer me a passion I can stick with, no matter where I am on this planet & I am truly grateful.


I would love to chat with you