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Go ahead & scroll down to learn more about my sessions. I carefully constructed this page as I strongly believe that my words are deeply connected to my artwork. Take your time & reach out to me whenever you're ready. I'm here.

My Approach

Lifestyle - where we create opportunity for a moment, or expand on an existing moment, as I gently guide you towards pretty light or an interesting space & have everyone interacting with each other.

Documentary - I just hang back quietly chronicling genuine moments as they unfold right in front of me. This is typically those in-between moments where most would put the camera down. Those moments where parents need to change baby's diaper, console a crying child, or fix someone's shoe, I'm still there shooting it all.

The Experience

What to Expect

In-Home Sessions

Perfect for family, newborn, or maternity.

As much as my soul thrives when outdoors, home, with all it's warmth & comforts, is where my heart lives. So much of our time is spent in our homes so why not have some of it documented in a meaningful way? Even if our current house is not our forever one, it is still a home. It is still where we live our day-to-day making wonderful memories that we will one day look back & say, “those were the days”.

Invite me indoors to document your family’s beautiful happenings where everyone feels most comfortable.

Your House, Your Vibe

Contrary to popular belief, not much space is needed to have an in-home session. I have had plenty of sessions that were done entirely in one or two rooms or just one area of the house. If you love your house, but are not really wanting to have it all documented, then I suggest choosing an area you can see the family hanging out in for a session that also provides enough natural light for me to work with.

Or you may be someone who is deeply connected to your unique space & have every corner decorated. I will take full advantage of an interesting place or beautifully decorated home. I am not above shooting in every single room, the hallway, or even on the floor. If it'll add that oomph to an image, we will try it.

The Light

I work exclusively with natural light, so your windows will be my light source. Most sessions shot at home will be booked during the first part of the day, typically morning, but if you are keen on when your home gets the best lighting, then by all means, let me know & we will aim to shoot then.


I have two children of my own, so I have firsthand experience with the whole, “time flies” kind of life. It’s as if someone presses fast forward once that adorable babe is on the scene, it almost seems unfair. You blink & that teeny tiny newborn has already gained several pounds & is sitting up, no longer looking like that fresh squish you just birthed.

When it comes to newborns, you got to expect the unexpected & I am ready for that. These sessions tend to last anywhere from one to two hours & can be shot at the hospital within the first 48 hours, or at home within the first 10-12 days. This is a perfect session for the family looking to document baby's first moments, unposed, & using natural light.


Breastfeed or bottle-feed your child on your bed wearing beautiful textures or a simple garment. Wrap your arms around your growing belly while looking radiant by the window or on location at the beach. Bathe with your children while enjoying their laughs & play.

There’s no frill. No need for long stunning gowns or blossoming fields. The simplicity & intimacy is what makes this so special. I aim to offer a sweet experience while you embrace your journey as a mother, whether you’re pregnant with your first, or already a mother with young children. I just want you in some pretty light – peaceful, vulnerable, & beautiful.

This session is perfect for the woman looking to have a unique & intimate experience in their home or on location using only natural light.


I aim to make myself available for a handful of events per year. This includes small romantic weddings or intimate elopements. These sessions are also perfect for those looking to have a family gathering documented, like, a family reunion or a family vacation. Connect with me to see if we are a good match & if not, I would be more than happy to refer you to someone who may be just what you are looking for.

Frequently Asked Questions


Are you willing to travel?


Yes! Absolutely. I have family, friends, & clients in the DMV area (DC, Maryland, Northern Virginia), so I travel there quite often. You can also find me traveling to Richmond every now & then. If you are interested in hiring me for a session, but live outside of the above mentioned areas, please reach out to coordinate. I am open to travel all over the world. Take me on your next adventure!


Where will the session take place?


Depending on the session you book, it could take place in your home or on location, like a hospital (for newborn), the beach, a family hike, or your favorite city block.


When can I expect to receive my images?


Post processing of images is truly something I highly enjoy, so I will start work on your gallery as soon as possible & have it delivered to you within one to two weeks. This turnaround estimate excludes 'events'.


Would you be willing to tag along on one of our family vacations?


Ummm, HECK YES! Have you ever gone on vacation & wanted to completely unplug, but also have the desire to document as much of it as you possibly could? Hiring me to tag along could truly allow you to be present & in the moment. Let me do all of the documenting. It can be a small weekend getaway, or a week long excursion in another country - I'm in!