Angela | In-Home Maternity | Richmond, Virginia

Angela greeted me with her husband & two dogs as I pulled up into her driveway & I immediately knew we were going to rock this session!  I feed off of my client’s vibes, but I also know they feed off of mine.  We all gelled so well that every image I shot ended up being a keeper.

Meet Angela, Chris, & their 2 dogs (and 1 cat who ventured out towards the very end of our time together!)


Angela mentioned how they never do photos mainly because she believes she is awkward in front of the camera.  So many people feel that way (including me, at times), so to know that she built up the courage to initiate a session, meant a lot to me.  And, like with so many, she ended up being flawless in front of the camera!
The whole gang rocked it!


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