Personal December 26, 2018 A Year in Review | My Family Life | 2018 Our little life, in review. 2018, what a year! Personal December 24, 2018 Self Portrait | A Personal Project | 2018 Setting up the camera for the purpose of taking my own photo sounds like the most terrifying thing my self conscious butt could think of to do.  And talk about awkward.  So when I encountered a group ... Personal August 27, 2018 Black Breastfeeding Week 2018 | Richmond, Virginia Black women have the lowest breastfeeding rates & black babies have the highest mortality rates. A friend & a Black Breastfeeding Week RVA Planning Team Member, Tasha Dee, reached out earlier... Personal June 4, 2018 Almost Summer | In My Nest | Suffolk, Virginia I'm in this stage in my documenting journey where I don't feel the pressure to bust out my camera every moment my kids are doing something worthy of chronicling.  Wasn't always that way, so it's been ... Personal June 3, 2018 Coast Guard Divers at the Beach | RDLE | Dam Neck Beach, Virginia With less than 70 divers in all of the Coast Guard, dive lockers tend to become a tight knit unit full of camaraderie. My husband is a diver & one of his fellow divers was getting pinned (promoti... Personal January 31, 2018 When He’s Home | Hampton Roads Family Photographer When Daddy is home, all is well. So I took a lot of photos of him & the kids. Loved it so much that I decided to blog it. Personal October 12, 2017 Morning Chillin’ | Virginia Family Photographer A typical morning walk, skip, run, skateboard, to & from the bus stop. Personal September 25, 2017 O’ahu | Moving Off Island | Photography Blog Some fun images of our latest trip to O'ahu to move all of our stuff off island! Personal July 7, 2017 Air & Space in Black & White I was inspired by a recent breakout class I took to haul my big camera around wherever I go.  And although it is so much easier to take photos with my iPhone when on-the-go, it was so refreshing &... Personal March 31, 2017 My Big Reveal How I finally revealed my secret of becoming a professional photographer & how I was scared sh*tless about it.