I draw my inspiration and creativity from several things: film, music, my own childhood, and mostly, my kids

Present day, I think it equates to a lot of us snapping photos with our phones where they end up collecting that virtual dust in our camera roll. But that feeling we get when we realize we're in a moment we never want to forget is just like that feeling I would get when opening that box in my basement as a child. An urgency to preserve family history and have that opportunity to remember and relive over and over again. To always hold on. TO NEVER FORGET. To continue living in the moment and creating art, that is what I am here for.

Growing up, my parents took a ton of photos of us. For some reason they just kept them all in a cardboard box down in the basement. That's where they lived. They would only breathe the life of day when I would sneak down to go through each one. Even as a kid, I couldn't get enough of seeing my family in photos. I especially loved seeing myself with my friends, cousins, my brother, and our dogs. I loved the feeling I got looking back on my little life. My mom looking so youthful and happy. I was so grateful for that cardboard box.

It's my superpower: to know you, see you, and love you

I embrace the weird, the subtleties, and the easily overlooked. I'm attracted to people who have a story. Real stories of redemption; once broken, but successfully made it through and are better for it. People like this appeal to me because this is my own story. I was once a terribly broken human being. Someone who was lost and stumbling their way through hard lessons. I'm also incredibly silly, inappropriate, and warmhearted. It is why I feel deeply, love with every fiber in my being, and am out-of-this-world understanding and compassionate. I know people before even knowing them.

It's my super power: to know you, see you, and love you.

I'm also a winging-it kind of mother. Puerto Rican and Cuban (Sí, hablo español) My best friend is my dog named, Ziggy. And I'm a proud military spouse.

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My world. An amazing attentive husband, two wild ass kids, and a dog named Ziggy.

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