In The Nest with the Onufrychuk Family

May 22, 2017

I want to take a moment & highlight one of my favorite In The Nest sessions to date & that is of the Onufrychuk Family!


This session almost didn’t happen for two valid reasons:

1) We wanted to take advantage of the most amazing natural lighting that comes in through their west facing windows, so we were banking on the sun doing it’s sun shining thing.  Well, of course, as I was making the short drive to their house, the sun decided to take a nap behind some rain clouds & the day went dark.

2) As soon as I showed up, their son started to feel a little sick & was clinging onto mommy so hard, we weren’t sure if he would be up for hanging out with me.

But I am so happy we decided to press on.  These photos turned out so well & it truly showcases that the day does not have to be perfect to turn out perfectly in the end.

Dad is known to be a whizz in the kitchen so we started there, baking orange cake from scratch.

Orange cake was in the oven so upstairs we went for a super fun bubble bath.  When Mommy mentioned that she would love for me to capture some bath time moments, I was thrilled!  I have been thinking of documenting my own children in the bath as I love to share my personal In The Nest moments, but for a client to invite me in like this means the world to me.  It also helps that they have a stellar looking bathroom with amazing windows.  The sun was slowly showing it’s lazy self at this point so I got some great lighting here.

When Dad decided to get in on the fun, I knew I had something special.

Mommy is an expert awesome-natural-light-finder so she had her daughter change into her favorite jammies & halloween socks in front of this bedroom window while I happily snapped away.

Speaking of Mommy, she hired me to mainly chronicle the kids with Daddy, but I couldn’t let this entire session go by without including her.

Kids are the key to adding magic to any storytelling session, so a great way to get them to open up & feel comfortable having a camera follow their every move is to have them show you their bedroom.  Kids typically like to show off their stuff & seeing them relax in their own space adds that special something to the images.

o windowo bed

And finally, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity for a grainy selfie with my girl, O, to finish off my time with the family.



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