In The Nest with the Jimenez Family


This family gets it.

Christine was cooking dinner when I arrived & she told me I could wander around the house with their super cute daughter, Rainey, to check out the lighting situation & take photos.  That’s how chill it was being there that I was welcome to do my thing without any questions or awkwardness.  Oh, and she made me dinner!  So yea, I had fun.

I truly felt like I was invited over to hang out as a friend instead of being hired to take their photos.

She heard the national anthem being played on the record player & immediately placed her right hand over her heart. So cute!!


It’s always a plus when there is a pet involved.

9It’s also a plus when the house is decorated so sweetly.

Soon-to-be threenager.

We were just sitting on the bedroom floor being silly when we decided to recreate some photos from when Rainey was an infant.


I know it’s a good shoot when I can’t wait to get home to upload all of the photos & get to work.

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