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June 28, 2017

Take a drive down Rock Creek and Potomac Parkway & you will forget for a few minutes that you are in a busy hustling bustling city.  The Sanchez Family’s condo building sits on Rock Creek Park, a National Park right in Washington DC!



I was invited to document her waking hours on her first birthday.  It was so fun being a part of her morning in the most adorably decorated apartment.


Their balcony overlooks the 1,754 acre park & offers the most spectacular light.

I love the creative freedom a documentary session allows.


A lot of times, I mix two styles of photography, documentary & lifestyle, to maximize the light & our surroundings.  But when I notice a family who feels completely comfortable in front of the camera & in their element truly inviting me in to witness “a day in the life”, I let them do all of the directing.

Like this adorable moment right here.  I am convinced it would not have turned out this perfect if planned!  I was laying on their bedroom floor playing with Mia while her parents were chatting in the living room.  They saw her heading their way so they immediately got into the most perfect position as I continued to snap away capturing this super cute authentic interaction!


I have a ton of favorite images from this shoot.  Meet one of them.

Daddy & Mia.



First Birthday Dress


Cake.  For breakfast.


Happy Birthday Mia!  Thank you for sharing it with me 🙂



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