Air & Space in Black & White

July 7, 2017

I was inspired by a recent breakout class I took to haul my big camera around wherever I go.  And although it is so much easier to take photos with my iPhone when on-the-go, it was so refreshing & fun to actually make a real effort with my images just as I would if it were a client.  The reasoning behind documenting so much is simple: to stay inspired!  As artists, it is so easy to find yourself in a creative rut.  One day, you’re on fire… and the next, you’re stuck feeling super uninspired questioning everything about your work.  Totally sucks how insecurity can creep in, but the best thing one can do is to not become stagnant.  Get out there & do!


The great part about today’s outing is that it was completely unplanned!  I didn’t pack snacks, water, or even diapers!  Just grabbed my camera bag, wallet, & keys & we headed out the door with zero expectations.  Since we don’t live far, I decided to take the kids to the Smithsonian National Air & Space Museum here in Virginia & it was such a good time!


So before I got out of the car, I decided I was going to challenge myself & photograph everything with the knowledge that I would be converting the majority of the images to black & white.  Some people think black & white is an easy option, but it has honestly been one of my biggest challenges.  I have been studying the art of “seeing” in black & white & have put a great deal of effort in doing it true justice.


And I am loving these images!  My inspiration meter is currently reading high & I am excited for more future personal challenges like this one.

Black & white really adds to the documentary feel I aim for & another plus, it really helps draw the eye to the subject when there are potential distractions in the image.  Being in a museum on a rainy summer day when everyone else had the same idea makes for a lot of distractions – lots of other people in the background, different colors, objects, & most importantly, different sources of light.

I decided to keep two in color to simply showcase the different artificial lighting I was working with, which is another challenge for me since I am a lover of natural light.

I let the kids pretty much do whatever they wanted.  I didn’t force them to stay in one place for the perfect photo.  Don’t get me wrong, there were so many little instances where they were standing in the most adorable way in the most perfect spot, and bam, their interest waned & they headed to the next thing before I could capture it forever with my camera.  I would try to be as strategic as possible by just letting them do their thing as I hung out & watched because I knew they were bound to eventually get in good position for me to snap away & document.

And boy did I document.

Space-19Space-24Space-23 The wonderful thing about museums is that you’re pretty much guaranteed some awesome architecture, interesting walls, colors, & material.


I hope you enjoyed this first documented outing of ours because there will surely be more as I continue to challenge myself as often as I can.


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