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January 26, 2018

When Amanda reached out to me wanting to book me for two sessions, one being a couple/maternity kind of thing & the other being a newborn session for once she gives birth to her first child, I was so excited.  Then it hit me that I don’t have many sessions like this, of couples, under my belt.  A tad out of my comfort zone.  My jam has been storytelling sessions of families, mostly unposed.  A session documenting a couple together outdoors by a beautiful lake can be quite different.  It involves posing, direction, guidance – something I am still very new to.  I booked the session anyway!  I knew, if I put some effort into it, I could knock it out of the park.  And thats exactly what I strived to do.


The session started off great.  I decided to ask them to do something I never really ask clients to do, look at the camera & smile.  I figured everyone appreciates one or two photos like this in their gallery, anyway.

But if I wanted to get those emotive images I ache for, I somehow had to figure out a way to break the ice.
martin_blog-8martin_blog-9martin_blog-10So I started to chat with them & remembered that the best images from my family documentary sessions are the ones that showcase interactions.  Not only interactions, but reactions.  I started to ask them questions & photographed the reactions I got.


Sometimes it was awkward, a lot of times it was funny, but mostly, it was successful.  We continued this strategy all the way through the session.


Some more highlight images from this session.


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