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Colby Martin, graced us with her presence earth side on a Monday afternoon.  I visited with her & her parents at the hospital for a total of 2 amazing hours.  Although 2 hours may sound a tad daunting, overwhelming, or maybe even a little intrusive, the extended time we had together actually made the entire experience relaxing & truly enjoyable.  My presence only elevated their experience at the hospital which is always my goal.


 I know how it feels to be playing a brand new role in life – the excitement, the anxiety, the confusion, & the purest form of joy.  I am truly honored when I am invited to be a part of those first moments in such a special way.



Our time together was incredibly intimate.  I have said this before, but when it comes to newborns, especially sessions that occur at the hospital, I feel like I am instantly upgraded to best friend status.  I am in-the-know, get amazing access to baby & parents, & am allowed to be a part of their special experience.





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