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June 5, 2018

My next inquiry for an in-home family session will be receiving this blogged awesomeness as a reference on what to expect.  As a photographer, I get all kinds of messages & it’s easy to tell which clients are looking to hire me for my style & which ones are simply shopping around for the best bargain.  It’s the ones looking to hire me for ME that make a world of a difference, & that is exactly what happened here.

I arrived to a napping baby who awoke to the sound of my shutter… with a smile!  He immediately set the tone for the rest of the morning.


Casual laidback vibes all around.  It was important to them that we captured sweet moments in this home since they are a military family & getting ready for their big move to Hawai’i.  This was where they brought home their baby, Henry, & that kind of stuff matters.



We hung out for a little bit over an hour, but I could have stayed forever, they were that easygoing.  I took photos of everything to include a bath & diaper changes.  Family photos have come a long way, lol.


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Such great pictures! Love them all, sweet!

This is beautiful ❤️ Simple yet moving
So much love here


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