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June 26, 2018

Scarlett Rose, brand new baby girl with 5 older brothers (yes, 5!).  I was able to catch 3 of her brothers there the day I visited, plus her grandmother, so it was a wonderful treat.  Although this was the smallest postpartum room I have ever encountered, we were able to make some magic in there.

This was the scene I was greeted with immediately upon entering the room, so I decided to start shooting from right by the door because a) I was loving what I was seeing, & b) I wasn’t yet sure where else I would fit!


So I continued to work my way closer & then all around the bed.  I just loved how they all flowed with me.  I could tell that I already had Shanta’s trust with my process & my style, so I felt like I had freerange to capture what & how I wanted.  How special is that?


And then that magical question, “do you mind photographing me breastfeed?”  I got her permission to share these images.  Thank you, Shanta, for being so open.


Scarlett was born on a Monday & I was there that Wednesday.


Some more favorites.


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