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May 4, 2019

Kenslee Joy, born at home on Friday April 26, 2019 | 7 lbs 13 oz

After 5 years of online friendship, Reniva & I finally met in person during her home birth team meeting less than 2 weeks ago. This meeting was to prepare all of us for whats to come 3ish weeks down the road in mid May, but little did we know that the very next day would be the start to it all & two days after that, Kenslee Joy was born.

This is Reniva’s 7th & last baby. She decided to have a natural birth with her children at home with her, & me there to document it all. Because her most recent birth occurred so quickly, we all believed that once her labor began, it would be a matter of hours before we met baby. But, Kenslee seemed to have other plans by taking her mom & dad on a long 36 hour rollercoaster of a journey. Just moments before her midwives were almost forced to take her to the hospital, Reniva gave it one last push. With all of her siblings fast asleep in their rooms, baby girl made her appearance at 2:10 am Friday morning. Reniva got her home birth & I couldn’t wait to put this story together for her.

The following is a story of patience, all out determination, & primal grit. Of course I can’t leave out all of the silliness from all of the kids there who couldn’t wait to meet their newest little sister. They made me pizza, played monopoly with me, danced, did cartwheels, watched movies, shared their blankets, & took care of me while we waited & waited. I left there with 9 new besties & an experience I will not soon forget.


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