Nivea | Motherhood | Norfolk, Virginia

May 23, 2019

Mommy & Me, East Beach

Nivea was looking to capture genuine moments at the beach with her children. She is a photographer turned filmmaker, so admittedly, I was pretty intimidated leading up to our session. But, it turns out that the universe knew we somehow needed to connect on this level because she is seriously one of the sweetest, most humble, & kindest humans.

What makes this particular session stand out is the fact that one can clearly see how much she truly enjoyed her time with her children, even with a big camera in her face. That may sound so simple, but sometimes photo sessions can turn stressful, especially when it includes young children. Some parents tense up believing they need to have well behaved perfect children ready for the camera, & although I completely understand that mentality, it couldn’t be further from my expectations as the photographer. I share these photos not only because I believe they are absolutely beautiful, but to also help educate that my only expectation of you, my client, is to let go & take in what is occurring right in front of you. They’re only little for a blip in your timeline as a parent. Let them splash you with water, pick their noses, cry, run away, mess their hair up, & get sand all over their tiny faces. Some of that may sound frustrating, but I promise it’s way more endearing once you are offered the opportunity to let go & just be.


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