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June 18, 2019

Ethical, Sustainable, Intentional

What is a family photographer doing photographing models on the beach? That was my question when Gabby first reached out to me several months ago! After talking for quite a bit, I realized that this decisive young woman knew exactly what she wanted. Although I do not work with models, & don’t intend on making fashion my focus in the future, Gabby’s vision made sense as it aligned perfectly with my ongoing style of work. “I don’t want the smiley, hand on your hip pose for my boutique. Not that there’s anything wrong with that look. But I want to do a lookbook or have images that tell a story or capture moments. Where the fashion is part of the picture but not the whole story.” She even went as far as including images she liked that were candids of my own children playing outside, “this is what I am looking for”. When she added that she is opening up this boutique to offer ethical & sustainable fashion, I was all in. Say no more!

We opted for sunrise so we could have the beach to ourselves. Gabby chose the models & the garments & the rest was left up to me. We were met with the waking sun & that was enough to get my creative juices going. We all got along so well & had so much fun that it’s impossible to deny our enjoyment in the images.

So what does ethical fashion mean anyway? Well, it means that we acknowledge there is a person behind every garment made. By choosing to shop ethically, you’re choosing to opt for fair wages & working conditions.

Buying sustainable is choosing to buy natural & breathable fabric that is better for you & the planet.

Intentional shopping is choosing items carefully that will have longevity, by thinking about your purchases & their impacts to the planet, making the most out of what you already have in your closet, or even incorporating thrifting.

Clarity Online Boutique is brand spanking new! She just opened, so please take a moment to browse through her website, her Instagram, & her Facebook! All that website traffic does wonders, & every like/comment/follow would mean the world. Links below!


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This is Gabrielle, aka Gabby, owner & creator of Clarity Online Boutique

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