Family June 5, 2018 Smith Family | In the Nest | Chesapeake, Virginia I took photos of everything to include a bath & diaper changes.  Family photos have come a long way. Personal June 4, 2018 Almost Summer | In My Nest | Suffolk, Virginia I'm in this stage in my documenting journey where I don't feel the pressure to bust out my camera every moment my kids are doing something worthy of chronicling.  Wasn't always that way, so it's been ... Personal June 3, 2018 Coast Guard Divers at the Beach | RDLE | Dam Neck Beach, Virginia With less than 70 divers in all of the Coast Guard, dive lockers tend to become a tight knit unit full of camaraderie. My husband is a diver & one of his fellow divers was getting pinned (promoti... Family May 21, 2018 Boone Family | In the Nest | Chesapeake, Virginia Two year old triplets & their older brother, Sy, living their everyday with their amazing parents, Scott & Stacy.  As I documented them in their home, I kept thinking to myself, "all in the fr... Motherhood May 15, 2018 Breana & Alana | Intimate Motherhood | Portsmouth, Virginia When I crafted my Intimate Motherhood sessions, I always imagined involving children.  I am so happy Breana reached out wanting to document her growing belly, and have her sweet daughter, Alana, be pa... Motherhood May 1, 2018 Kelsey | Intimate Motherhood | Gloucester, Virginia In-Home Intimate & Natural Maternity Session with Kelsey & Matthew Motherhood April 23, 2018 Madison | Intimate Motherhood | Virginia Beach First look at the new Intimate Motherhood sessions featuring Madison Simons. Fresh 48 March 1, 2018 Baby Girl Colby | Fresh 48 | Hampton Roads Lifestyle Newborn Photographer Lifestyle newborn session shot at the hospital. New Baby. New parents. So much love. Personal January 31, 2018 When He’s Home | Hampton Roads Family Photographer When Daddy is home, all is well. So I took a lot of photos of him & the kids. Loved it so much that I decided to blog it. Family November 22, 2017 Putnam Family | In the Nest |Virginia Family Photographer In-Home Session in Gainesville, Virginia.