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Motherhood May 4, 2019 Reniva | A Story of Birth, at Home | Documentary | Virginia A natural home birth documented in Toana, Virginia. Newborn March 1, 2019 Liam | In-Home Newborn | Chesapeake, Virginia Baby Boy, Liam Dane Wells "Scoot a bit closer to the window. Closer. Closer. Touch the window. Okay, perfect!" These poor clients probably thought I was a bit nutty, but I knew what was neede... Family January 13, 2019 Newborn Clark | Family Session, At Home | Chesapeake, Virginia Baby Clark arrived 7 weeks early.  I was invited to photograph him & his beautiful family when he was finally home from the hospital, at 4 weeks old.  Our time together was so chill, fun, & at... Motherhood November 30, 2018 Eilah | Maternity + Newborn, At Home | Virginia Beach Several clients will hire me to photograph them while pregnant & again, once baby arrives.  I find this to be so incredibly smart &, personally, super fulfilling since I get to meet the baby w... Family September 15, 2018 Hadley | Newborn, At Home | Norfolk, Virginia Let me in!  Inside your space with all of that newness going on.  Bringing home my babies was always such an exciting time I look back on so fondly. I love how all expectations, schedules, & the o... Fresh 48 June 26, 2018 Scarlett & Family | Fresh 48 | Chesapeake Regional Medical Center Documentary & Lifestyle Newborn Session at the hospital. Family June 14, 2018 Sleeth Family | Lifestyle Newborn | Carrollton, Virginia In-home Newborn Lifestyle in Carrollton, Virginia.