Tag: Hampton Roads Photographer

Family June 14, 2018

Sleeth Family | Lifestyle Newborn | Carrollton, Virginia

In-home Newborn Lifestyle in Carrollton, Virginia.

Family June 5, 2018

Smith Family | In the Nest | Chesapeake, Virginia

I took photos of everything to include a bath & diaper changes.  Family photos have come a long way.

Personal June 3, 2018

Coast Guard Divers at the Beach | RDLE | Dam Neck Beach, Virginia

With less than 70 divers in all of the Coast Guard, dive lockers tend to become a tight knit unit full of camaraderie. My husband is a diver & one of his fellow divers was getting pinned (promoti...

Family May 21, 2018

Boone Family | In the Nest | Chesapeake, Virginia

Two year old triplets & their older brother, Sy, living their everyday with their amazing parents, Scott & Stacy.  As I documented them in their home, I kept thinking to myself, "all in the fr...

Motherhood May 15, 2018

Breana & Alana | Intimate Motherhood | Portsmouth, Virginia

When I crafted my Intimate Motherhood sessions, I always imagined involving children.  I am so happy Breana reached out wanting to document her growing belly, and have her sweet daughter, Alana, be pa...

Motherhood May 1, 2018

Kelsey | Intimate Motherhood | Gloucester, Virginia

In-Home Intimate & Natural Maternity Session with Kelsey & Matthew

Motherhood April 23, 2018

Madison | Intimate Motherhood | Virginia Beach

First look at the new Intimate Motherhood sessions featuring Madison Simons.

Fresh 48 March 1, 2018

Baby Girl Colby | Fresh 48 | Hampton Roads Lifestyle Newborn Photographer

Lifestyle newborn session shot at the hospital. New Baby. New parents. So much love.

Personal January 31, 2018

When He’s Home | Hampton Roads Family Photographer

When Daddy is home, all is well. So I took a lot of photos of him & the kids. Loved it so much that I decided to blog it.

Couples January 26, 2018

Steve + Amanda | Couples | Maternity | Hampton Roads Photographer

When Amanda reached out to me wanting to book me for two sessions, one being a couple/maternity kind of thing & the other being a newborn session for once she gives birth to her first child, I was...