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Family October 19, 2017

Wright Family | In the Nest | Virginia Family Photographer

I arrived & was immediately introduced to a baby on a bed... All the heart eyes in the worlddddd.  Give me more babies on beds.       We ended the ses...

Family October 18, 2017

Nguyen Family | In Black & White | Virginia Family Photographer

Sometimes a story is best told in a simple beautiful way.  The following is The Nguyen's little story in all it's monochrome splendidness. Cat, Tom, & little dude, Conrad.   ...

Personal October 12, 2017

Morning Chillin’ | Virginia Family Photographer

A typical morning walk, skip, run, skateboard, to & from the bus stop.

Family August 29, 2017

Adams Morgan with the McCorkle Family | Family Photographer

A morning spent in historical Adams Morgan visiting a coffee shop, playing in the park, petting stranger's pets, & hanging out on a firetruck.

Family August 5, 2017

Summer with The Amstutz Family

The ultimate summer backyard documentary session including s'mores & sprinklers.

Personal July 7, 2017

Air & Space in Black & White

I was inspired by a recent breakout class I took to haul my big camera around wherever I go.  And although it is so much easier to take photos with my iPhone when on-the-go, it was so refreshing &...

Family June 17, 2017

In The Nest with the Jimenez Family

Dinner, toys, card games, & all around cuteness with the Jimenez Family In Home Session.

Personal March 31, 2017

My Big Reveal

How I finally revealed my secret of becoming a professional photographer & how I was scared sh*tless about it.

Personal March 7, 2017

How I Got My First Paid Photography Job

My first paid photography gig was a mini lifestyle session in someone's home. Head over here to read more about that session! So how did I even get this job?  How did I garner enough attention f...

Family February 27, 2017

Lauren’s Mini Mommy & Me

Lauren's Mommy & Me session, at home. Learn how I got these shots with less than ideal lighting situation.